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Jan 17, 2009
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As a reaction to specific requests, a new, private forum has been set up for Vendors and Manufacturers, visible only to those who qualify and are registered as such on the group roster of TRF. This private forum has been set up on a TRIAL BASIS and its merits will be weighed in a few months time.

To qualify for access to this area, the TRF member must be actively engaged in manufacturing and/or selling of rockets and rocket related equipment and supplies. This includes large operation and small ones. For the present in order to qualify, "they must be licensed to sell in their respective state or area (outside the U.S.). They must have a tax id to be considered legit for the purposes of TRF."

Persons interested in getting access to this forum should send me a PM to that effect. While I am familiar with most of the manufacturers, I cannot say the same of the vendors. For that reason, it would be helpful to get real names, web business addresses or other bona fides.

Any questions should be addressed to me. I may not have the answer right away but I will check it out and get back to you.

Thank you