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Is a timer based Dual Deployment device (Chute Tamer) a good idea?

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  • I love Lawn Darts!

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Jan 13, 2004
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Well, I have reached a new level in my rocketry addiction.
(Rocket-holics Anonymous here)

I found this tube at work. It is about 62 inches tall, and the outer diameter is about 12 3/4 inches.

The wall thickness is about 1/2 inch. There is some water damage that needs to be trimmed off.

I'm not sure about the weight.

Now my question is...
I know nothing about High Power. The most I know is what I saw on the Discovery Channel special. I figure, when you start making rockets this size, you aren't using cardboard tubes anymore. I remember those guys on the special baking a tube and jumping in a pool with it to seperate it from the paper. it a keeper or just trash and put it back?

I'd say that you'd be better off trashing it...I had a tube that was about 10" diameter with some damage like that, that I ended up throwing away since I can get a cheaper, lighter, higher quality 12" diameter Concrete form tube.

It would be cool, though, to take it around and show little kids, "This is how big some rockets can get!!! Want to climb inside? :)"

SEND IT TO ME!!! no just kidding!! I think you should trash it because it looks really heavy! And especially if you dont know anything about high power...
to lighten it up, then add a couple layers of fiberglass...

IMO, that's a fine long-term project...

it looks like a concrete form. many L2/L3 rockets are based on concrete forming tubes.

i've learned the most from building something that couldn't possibly work, and thereby learning WHY it wouldn't work.
that's worth the price of admission.
Just a suggestion...
Use it as a mandrel for your composite lay-up airframe.
I'd keep it around, you might find a use for it eventually.

You might want to trim off the damaged section and chuck that though.

Just my $.02

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