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Jan 18, 2009
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i know i might be asking the impossible here, but........

i have a friend who wants to sell off one or two kits, decent kits mid and high power and collectors stuff, not standard 3fnc.
does anyone know how he can price a kit up, other than posting the name of the kit here and saying how much? which i would not want to do as knowing my luck there will only be two replies both saying the kts worthless, which won't help when other buyers go googling, and i'm trying to do this guy a favour
is there a collectors site that gives estimated costs of OOP kits?

any help gratefully recieved.
Someone used to maintain a list of average pricing for kits on eBay, but when I last saw it, it was horribly out of date.

The market at the time you're doing the selling also plays a factor.

Try this link....

I'm not sure when it was last updated, but the copyright thingy at the bottom of the page is from 2008-2010.

edit: updated to December 2009

Exactly the site I was going to post to..Gerry, the site owner, spends a lot of time traveling tween here and China so updates are usually on a monthly basis..Last update was Jan 24th next one planned for the middle of Feb..There is a thread about OOP prices and this site over at YORF..