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PRICE REDUCTION: Rocket Parts, Nose Cones, Parachutes, Launch Pad Parts, Kevlar.

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Apr 10, 2009
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I have listed some of the items below on ebay. These are three day auctions so if you want something you will have to act fast.
My Ebay seller name is: mkadams001

I have some 12ga stainless steel plates about 8" x 15" that would be good for deflectors. I will get more information posted soon.

I Reduced the prices on these items.

Since I am not building any rockets any more (at least for a while) I thought I would give you folks first crack at buying some of my items.

Unless otherwise posted everything is new or like new and has not been used.

If you want to buy multiples let me know and I will refigure the shipping.

If you want photos or measurements let me know and I will get them to you.

I use paypal for payment. But, I won't rule out checks or money orders.

Best method would be to PM me if you want to buy.

Thank you,


8 qty - 3 way L connectors for 1 1/4” ID PVC Pipe $2.75 each plus $5.00 shipping
Great for tripod style launch pads or building a stand or a shelter or a photo light box, These fitting and some pvc pipe and have a blast building stuff. Better than using plumbing fittings.

4 qty - 3/8” Jacobs Hand Tite Drill chucks $8.00 each plus $7.00 shipping
Buy one with the L connector to make your own launch pad. The threaded end looks to be 1/2" fine thread and you can put a #10 screw all the way through the chuck. This improves your mounting options.

50’ 1/8” tubular Kevlar 750 pound breaking strength $35.00 including shipping
Brand new never used. Now on Ebay

SOLD 30” nylon parachutes $10.00 each including shipping
These are over stock from the Black Brant kits I used to produce

SOLD - 18” nylon parachute $ 6.00 each including shipping
Another overstock parachute from a kit

1 - Used nose cone with bent tip for 2.56” body tube 13” shoulder to tip $ 7.00 plus 12.00 shipping
tip is fixable, there are some scrapes.
Now on Ebay

SOLD- Black Brant nose and tail cone combo with centering rings
for 29mm & 38mm motor mounts. For 2.56” body tube $20.00 plus $12.00 shipping
Thank You to the guys who bought these in one day!!

1 qty - 4” Nose Cone 12 3/4” long $18.00 plus $12.00 shipping
Nice plastic nose cone. Now on Ebay

L Connector.jpgJacobs Chuck.jpgKevlar.jpgbent tip.jpg4 inch Nose Cone.jpg

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The Black Brant nose and tail cones are cast plastic with foam filling.
I don't have a use for these right now, but there are some good prices, just wanted to give this a bump.
Mike, The BB parts came today. Fast shipping, well packed. All is good! Thank you! Good sale!
Chutes arrived today. Brand new as pictured. Great deal !!!

Thanks Mike.
I am giving this a bump
Some Items have been added to Ebay
Seller ID mkadams001