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price lowered!! 98mm Min Diameter fiberglass/carbonfiber/G10 fin can

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Oct 30, 2009
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Hey guys,

I am clearing out some more stuff. Just need more room. I am selling a 4inch 98mm min diameter project that I never finished. Life happened, met a girl got married had a kid and another one on the way. Here is the build thread I started in 2014.


Start with Post 44.

The airframe is 4 inch profusion fiberglass bought from Gary T. late 2014. The fins are 3/16 beveled G10. Each fin has 2 layers of 5.7oz 2x2 twill carbon that was vacuum bagged. Then the fins were tacked on and fillets using Proline 4500 epoxy. Then I used 3 layers of 4oz S-glass from US Composites on each side all vacuum bagged. The finish is rough with a peel ply texture. The fin can comes in at 5 pounds 14 oz about. A bit heavy but unbelievably strong. Pictures are on the thread just follow the few pages.

I am asking $250 OBO + shipping. I am open to offers.
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