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Jan 26, 2009
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Went out to the park today... Figured I would have alittle fun...

First up was sport on a B6-4... Worked perfect. On its second launch on a c6-7, it floated into a tree... *sigh* one down.

Next was my mk109 stingray... First on an A, which just wasn't so GREAT, so then of course i put it up on a B6-4 and it got treed. two down.

Next was my alpha III, with its repaired fins... Perfect on an A8-3, B6-4, but of course, me being me, I tested my luck alittle too fat :D... C6-7 and it was gone... three down.

Next was my 24mm fat boy... I should have put more nosecone weight in it... It went up incredibly, but then veered left at almost 60 degrees, and we didin't see that agai. four down.

Big bertha became a mud bertha (again)... the whole mount was completely chewed up by a quest motor... ill get pics up later... five down.

then i tried out my saturnV micro max... i let my dad prep it, but didn't check if it was locked... the little hook thing fell off, so it slammed into the dirt kidna wildly... maybe i can use a masking take retention on it... still, six down.

last was the sr71 micro max, which also hit the ground rather hard, but intact...

plenty of good launches... really fun day, just i got alittle greedy LOL :D
Oh man, that's a bad day. :(

But on a happier note, at least you got to launch rockets. I, on the other hand, got to go see Cinderella Story with my daughter. :D
well, i think i found what happened to big bertha... in the previous launch (also a mud dart) the engine hook must have come loose, so this time the engine hook actually moved backwards absorbing the ejection charge shock, and thats why there was no chute...



the front side of the rear centering ring... i doubt it should look like this :D... this also had very little glue left on it...


all patched up with a new mount
do you put glue on the tape as you wrap it around the hook..? sometimes the heat from the motor will make the tape gooey..and loose it's grip
i built that rocket 3 years ago and had never launched it until recently, so i dont even remember how i built it lol
You know, it might not be a bad idea to wrap a little glue enhanced kevlar around them thar hooks mate (My pirate accent) :D
Much worse. At RocStock here in CA last month, I saw a guy with the Polecat Saturn V. It flew great, but recoverey was not so great. The end result was this gorgeous Saturn V smashing into a million pieces as it hit the ground from approximately 4500 feet. Oh yeah, the kit runs about $800... :-(

But I still feel your pain. I too have had motor mounts become detached from the rocket at ejection, or had my rockets land on top of the school roof, or just go up and then come straight down while stull under power..

However, a bad day launching is still better than a good day at work!

Ditto! My bb is old! And eventually I had the motor hook crumple the mmt! You know that rear retainer on the motor hook?Motors thumping against that finally took its toll and started to crush the motor tube where it pokes in. Ive also had the rear centering ring looking gruby , Quest do like their motors smokey:p

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