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Jan 17, 2009
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Woodstock, IL
In the middle of your holiday celebrations with family and friends, I hope many of you have had a chance to read my latest Model Rocketeer column, "Pressing the Fight Home". There, I outline the future we face unless we win our current legal struggle against BATFE.

As the most recent Joint Statement on Regulatory Matters outlines, we're making slow but steady progress in the courts. I believe that litigation remains our most powerful weapon against the illegal regulation of the sport rocket hobby.

I need your direct financial support and assistance to press this battle forward to a successful conclusion. Our own legal team of Joe Egan and Marty Malsch have provided us with $3,000 in pro bono work. As you consider last minute donations as a part of your tax planning, I hope you'll consider the NAR Legal Fund. As an additional incentive for donations, let me offer two other ways your donation might bear benefits, both for the NAR and yourself.

One long term NAR member, Gary Cole, has volunteered to jump start the process by providing a dollar for dollar, $3,000 matching grant. When you donate, please make sure you ask us to match your donation to Gary's generosity by marking your check or on-line donation as "Cole matching" and help us enhance your donation.

For those capable of donating $100 or more, I'd like to announce a new premium available for your generosity. By making a donation in this size, we'll send you a CD ROM containing all Sport Rocketry magazine's 2003 issues in PDF form as a token of our thanks. These CD-ROM's are in production now, and will be available by the end of January 2005.

You can donate today by using the form attached to the latest issue of the Model Rocketeer or by visiting the NAR website and donating securely on line at:

Your contributions go totally into an account set up to support the legal fight. No administrative costs are incurred; 100% of your donations go to prevent the strangulation of your hobby.

We also can accept stock donations. Please contact me directly if you wish to consider donating stock.

Finally, check with your employer about matching donations. The NAR is a tax exempt non profit corporation, registered as a 501 (c) 3 corporation with the IRS. Basic information about a non profit seeking matching donations is often required by such matching programs, and can be found at Please consider this option as a way to enhance your donation to our fight.

This regulatory fight isn't fun, it's not what we all would like to be involved in, and it's going to take a lot more effort to finish our work. But without such a fight, we face a slow death for high power rocketry and a bleaker future for our Association. If at all possible, please consider making a financial donation to protect an unregulated vision of our safe, educational and fun hobby.

Pay forward. Aim high.