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Rob Fisher

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Jan 23, 2004
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-Light rain outside with temps in the 50's, what to do when you can't launch rockets?-Build them of course! I'm really loving this new rocket I got and such a fun build!-got nothing else like it in my collection.
I've been coveting a Praetor of my very own for some time now.

My next FlisKits order will definitely include one...
I'm coveting Rob's fin-jig - I'd find that well handy. :D

Nice looking Preator too. ;)
The Preator has a really cool motor mount set-up. The mount and hook sit down inside the b.t. so the hook is even with the bottom of the rocket! When the rocket launches I'll see nothing but flame comi'n out the bottom.
I just finished building mine. I got the fins CA'ed and the first coat of primer on the balsa parts. I want to get it painted before the CMASS launch, then let her rip on a D13!
I am THRILLED to see more and growing interest in the Preator. That kit has *not* seen the recognition it deserves. It is a very cool design and you get a *very* large rocket considering the size of the package it comes in.

And, with those draggy fins, you get a very cool, low-n-slow flight. It is one of my favorites, always has been (Kathy's too :) )

Great job on the build. can't wait to see it "dressed" :)
Jim missed something here:



Will she hold?

Can she take it Scotty?

Or will the Klingons win?

Tune in next time, at our next CMASS launch... :D

after the D13... D24! Whada think? :D
D24... Ziiiiinnnng... "heads up"!

OK, sim coming up if i can find a file on emrr... (mods as others have said we REALLY need a evil grin on here)
:cool: Just wait till you see it fly! I've been trying to think of ways to describe this bird flies. It's kind of like the Pick Up truck of rocketry or maybe a Jeep. It just goes any where any time.

Just send it you'll see what I mean. Definitely a 4X4:D


The only things left in the bin last time I visited What's Up Hobbies was a Richter Recker (later purchased by mkeene), a Tres, and a handful of Rhinos. He said he had some more in the trailer, but hadn't had a chance to dig them out... seems that the Praetors and other Fliskits rockets were popular enough in the desert!

Well, putting a D motor in the Preator definitely voids the warrenty... LOL

Watch for fin flutter. You get that beast going fast enough and those fins will *shatter* even if they *are* firmly attached!
Originally posted by jflis
Watch for fin flutter. You get that beast going fast enough and those fins will *shatter* even if they *are* firmly attached!

Hmmm... maybe if we put some 2 oz. glass on them....

:eek: :rolleyes:

Been working on my Praetor also.
Hope to get the fins on today.
So we should all be posting finished pics soon, right?

And like Jim said, it's amazing how small the package is, and how large the rocket turns out to be.

My Praetor has been done for awhile as well. Still needs paint. I have flown it, it is my favorite flier. Slow draggy and very straight flights.
I built my Praetor over the winter and it is one of my favorite rockets to fly. I went with a purple and pearlescent white scheme, which makes it easy to see regardless of the sky.
A bit late on the shutter trigger, but a launch of the Praetor.
Wow...I'm surprised Jason Toft (jetra2) hasn't chimed in yet. We flew his Praetor on a D12-0/C6-7 CHAD stage combo at a local meet sometime in the Fall of '03. I tell ya what - that rocket is deceiving in that you wouldn't expect it to scoot on a D12. If you do end up modifying yours, watch out! It moves fast on a D! just had to twist my arm didn't ya? :p

I love my Praetor - she's gotta be my most faithful rocket! I decided, for the heckuvit, that I would glass the fins. I did so, and the end result was the most majestically flying rocket I had ever seen! She'd eat up all the C6-3's in my box if I let her! :)

Oh, and did I mention that Jim Flis signed it? :D :D :D

Here's the picture of the D12-0 to C6-5 CHAD flight. It was amazing! She SCREAMED off the pad and had to have gotten at least 1000 feet! Not bad for about 3.6 seconds of burn! :)

Originally posted by eugenefl
We flew his Praetor on a D12-0/C6-7 CHAD stage

That's some good info. :D
My fins won't be glassed though. I'm glueing card stock to them right now so maybe that'll be enough to take a chad staged flight.

Originally posted by jflis
oh man, you people are BRUTAL! LOL

CHAD!!!??? with a *D*????

I'll just *bet* she scooted! man!

Yeah, we were kinda worried a C-C might be too lazy off the pad. I instigated with a D12-0 from my box and Jason got crazy and accepted. Windy day and all, we let her rip. It ended up landing on the front lawn of a model home in the nearby neighborhood under development. We searched and searched until finally we stopped at the model house on our way out. The lady in the model home decided to bring it inside and hang onto it for us. Lucky dawg! We thought for certain some kid from the neighborhood ran off with it. I suppose this would have been OK, but it was a *SIGNED* Praetor! I think Jason would have gotten on his knees and fought some kid for it had it been picked up! :D
Originally posted by slim_t
That's some good info. :D
My fins won't be glassed though. I'm glueing card stock to them right now so maybe that'll be enough to take a chad staged flight.


I think you'll be alright with card stock. Balsa would probably "flake", "tear", or ultimately shred away. I think the cardstock will ultimately keep it firm and in one piece. Besides, I don't think I've ever read of a D12 shredding the fins of off a rocket.
-Launched my praetor yesterday, of course it was naked, cause as usual I couldn't wait to launch it. The winds were calm for the first time of this season of launches. She flies great-so nice & straight up and recovers great. Launching in calm wind conditions I can catch this rocket every time! This kit is a MUST HAVE for any rocketeer!
Wow you painted your praetor exactly how I was contemplating painting mine! Olive drab with yellow n.c. and wing tips. -Gives it that military missile look-nice. As far as pictures go, I need to make a stomp switch so I can hold the camera.
Thanks...glad you like it.

Here's a little better picture showing the homemade "U.S. Army" decal. You can't really see the detail, but I also put on a small "Let's Roll" decal.

The Praetor is definately one of my favorites. It's always in the box when we go out to fly. Slow, majestic flights that go straight up....gotta love it.

That's a great looking Praetor John.
I really need to get back to work on mine.
I've been sidetracked working on this Titan III from cardstock that I hope to fly finless. :D
Whoops, looks like the cat's out of the bag. Now I HAVE to make it fly. ;)

Very sweet indeed John. Those fins kinda remind me of the type of bomblet that has springloaded fins. Yet another great "open canvas" Fliskit rocket.