Pre-Glassed Phenolic Tube VS Full Fiberglass Tube

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Jul 5, 2016
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Utica, NY
Can someone tell me what are the benefits of Pre-Glassed Phenolic Tubes VS Full Fiberglass Tubes?

I would imagine Pre-Glassed Phenolic is heavier than Full Fiberglass, but is Pre-Glassed more durable or stronger than Full Fiberglass?

(Using 6" tubing for both as an example)
Its my understanding tha the reason for glassing phenolic is to offset its brittleness as it tends to crack/break on a hard landing. Full FG tubes would be both stronger and more duable.
Glassed phenolic tubes are lighter than glass tubes. Also folks like to glass their own. Both for cost and skill... I know a Glass Master, next to him I am but 'grasshopper'.
I realized I had some scrap 6" dia pieces of both, one was 12" long and one 15" long. Sent them down 12 wooden steps of stairs to the basement, like a slinky. The Pre-glass cracked and chipped on the edge of the tube. The full fiberglass appears to be fine.