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Mar 15, 2016
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Great service and a quality product!

They emailed me with a thank you for the order and an estimate when it would ship, followed by a second email with the tracking info. Very reasonable shipping cost and it was in my hands in less than a week after I placed the order.

I ordered their "rocketry nut" product (, which is a device that threads onto a 1/4" 20 bolt or all thread end and lets you attach a shock cord loop with just a pin, no quick link required. They recommend you use it with 3/8" tubular Kevlar, which I plan to use (or something just a little smaller) on an upcoming project. That may get my first build thread if people are interested, but we'll see.
Thanks for the post! I hope you like the product - we've been flying them for a long time and they work great!

Fly High!
There are no strength specs for the nut. It would be useful to know the load limits. I like how compact it is.