Practicing Model Rocketry in India

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May 13, 2017
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Hello there,
I am an undergrad student from India studying Engineering. I plan to participate in the 2018 IREC SA Cup Contest with my University team.
We need some help regarding testing of the Rockets and especially Recovery system.

Before we jump into High powered rocketry we first want to get used to Model Rockets and increase our know-how of Solid motor rocket systems.

if anyone has launched model rockets in India before, we would be grateful to receive some guidance.

Thank You,
Sumit G.
Good luck with your efforts to learn more about rocketry! I encourage you to contact Pratham Ambla, who has worked for over a decade to promote model rocketry in India. He is a good friend of many rocketeers both in the US and in Europe.

Welcome Sumit. Good luck with your project. Starting with smaller rockets is how you get your recovery sorted out and you will learn many helpful things from the smaller rockets and then increasing the size. You have chosen a sensible path :)

Remember, going up is the easy part!

BTW, ISRO is doing some amazing things with their GSLV and PSLV. Impressive.