PR: Sunward announces new Floating Head Piston Launchers and 2 new Mounting Kits

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Jan 17, 2009
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July 22, 2009


Sunward announces new 18mm and 24mm Floating Head Piston Launchers and 2 new Mounting Kits for the BT80 body tube.

The two new Floating Head Piston Launchers are available for 18mm and 24mm motors and are part of the new COMPETITION GRADE™ of products from Sunward™. Available in packs of 3, these new Piston Launchers are an easy way to get more height from model rockets motors. The Piston Launchers may also allow for the use of longer ejection times for even more height. Each Piston Launcher is designed to be single use. Bases are also available for easy support of the Piston Launchers and are reusable.

The 2 new mounting kits are an 18mm to BT80 and 5 x 18mm to BT80. The mounting rings are made from laser cut lite-ply and the kits include metal motor retaining clips.

The new products are now available for hobby stores, online sellers, and from Sunward.

The Piston Launchers and Bases are also participating in Sunward's Special Sale until July 31.

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