PR: Sunward announces 4 new Model Rocket Kits and new Parts

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Jan 17, 2009
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Toronto, ON Canada
July 13, 2009


Sunward announces 4 new model rocket kits and new parts. Now available are 4 kits, from BT50, BT60, and for the first time, a BT80
body tube.

The kits available are:
Tri-Force™ Model Rocket Kit - BT60 with 9 fins and new distinctive design
Mini Moondance™ - a smaller version of the popular kit
Penguin™ - Sunward's first BT80 design
Gravity Rider - antares class™ - a relaunch of the kit with smaller body tubes, same decal, and can now be built as a single or
cluster kit.

Also available are BT20 connectors, BT20 baffles, and new bulk parts of body tubes and connectors.

The new products are now available for hobby stores, online sellers, and from Sunward.

The model rocket kits are also participating in Sunward's Special Sale until July 31.

For further information, please contact:
cool glad to see the gravity rider back out, mine needs some rebuilding after I built the original two heavy a C6 got her all of about 8 feet off the pad.