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Dec 18, 2003
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Press Release – Lander Challenge Winners announced

Lander Challenge organizers have let us know that the winner and runner up to the Lander challenge have been announced.

The Lander Challenge was an event contest put on by a group of vendors and manufactures, to challenge rocket hobbyists to launch a rover style lander and be able to guide it by remote control to a pre determined goal away from the landing site.

Boulder Aeronautics & Space Administration, Team Captain Jon Skuba Crew: Joe Hinton, Bill Sunstrom; have won the Lander Challenge with their project Eudora and their Janus Rover.

Team Pyramid ,Team Captain Brent Wynn Crew: Seth Carr, Gary Kitchen, Hal Corum, Ross Embry; are the runners up in the competition with their rocket rover NoQuiDo.

The Lander Challenge was supported and made possible by:
Loc Precision, Public Missiles, Semroc, US Rockets, SFSM Industries, Commonwealth Displays, Loki Research, Performance Hobbies, Great Lakes Hobbies, Totally Tubular, PerfectFlite, Binder Design, BoosterWorks, Aerospace Specialty Products, DG&A Highpower Rocketry, Apogge Components, Recovery Technologies, Rocketman Enterprises, Art Applewhite Rockets, Rocket Head Rockets, Impulse Buys, QuickBurst, and Word Associates.

You can see the projects and their web edited flight videos at: