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Powderburner wrote:
waaay off thread, but I gotta know----

Carl, are you like a big-time Skyray fan?
Do you have much in the way of data?
Email me or PM if you want to talk jets . . .

As a matter of fact, I am more of a big-time R/C fan, and of late, Electric Ducted Fan Jets. I have a GWS B-2 Bomber and A-10 Warthog and for the high end I have a Minifan 480 sized FA-18 and F4D Skyray.

The Skyray is the newest of EDF's and I did the colors in the U.S. Naval Test Pilot School scheme. I have many other patterns to choose from but liked these colors the best. I also made some of my own decals for the jet as they could not be readily purchased. I still want to make decal sets for some of the others so anyone else wanting to build this ARF kit can just pick what they want.

You can find the complete build photos here:

...and final build pics of my Skyray here:

FA-18 build photos are here:

Probably the one thing I do the most with them is detail the cockpits...the FA-18 was my best one so far, but there are still alot of kits out there to build! :)


"Bug" Pilot
"Ford" Pilot
It took me all day (until now) to scan through those 3,000 pictures of your Ford build---incredible! I was hoping to get around to a simple RC flier one of these days, but now I would be embarrassed to put it into the same sky as yours.

I have always liked the looks of the Ford, Heineman did an excellent job of designing that thing and getting clean lines.

You have a very nicely done project. Thanks for sharing
Originally posted by powderburner
It took me all day (until now) to scan through those 3,000 pictures of your Ford build---incredible!

Yeah, someone needs to get Carl a handsfree voice activated headgear digital camera so that we can see both hands at work! :eek: :D