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May 27, 2009
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Hey guys,
Thought i would post pics of new fleet after getting back in:cheers: how do i do that?
tried drag and drop no go.
Try the attach, paperclip. There is a limit to the size, about 390k. in most cases.
I use photobucket. You do not have to worry about forum limits on filesize, since it will allow you to easily attach a thumbnail picture. When someone clicks on the small thumbnail picture in your post, it links to the high res picture on photobucket.

Also, you can direct people to all your photobucket pictures for a paticular project, by creating folders in photobucket.

There are other picture hosts, I just happen to like the features and ease of use in photobucket. The following pic was done with just a copy of a link in photobucket, followed by a paste into this message. Simple!

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