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Der Red Max

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Jan 21, 2009
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Previously in TRF, you didn't have to log in order to see any and all posted images attached or otherwise.
However, now if you don't log in, you can only see the filename but when you click on them your prompted to log in.

At my work place they have a some kind of filter/firewall (or other) that does not allow me to log in. I'm not sure why.
I have no problem surfing the forum but I can't log in.

Can you imagine the anxiety I have to endure trying to guess what the images look like.
Have to wait till I get home to see them and then there's this huge backlog.

Is it possible to return to the previous image display option ala YORS and the former TRF?

Pretty pleeeeeeeease :eek: (with sugar on top.)


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Jan 18, 2009
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It was the other way around for me. The security at my work place pretty much stopped any photos coming through. so on the old TRF i used to see posts without the pics (but some got through occasionally), with this TRF I get to see all the pics when i log in.