Post processing GPS RINEX data?

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Jan 14, 2009
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Anybody here doing post processing of GPS RINEX data? I need some help finding a freeware tool to post-process single frequency data. My web hits have turned up dry so far... Thanks in advance!!!

I'm assuming the GPS can output in various formats including NMEA. Pretty standard format that a lot of programs can deal with. Search on some of the geocaching sites and you'll find plenty of freeware programs. Good luck.
Thanks, Pat_B, but they're handling waypoint data.

I'm looking for software to post process raw data from a fixed base station and a roving base station at 10Hz to get sub-meter precision.

This looked straightforward when I pitched the proposal for the project. But, as usual, the devil is in the details and the "sales brochures" that I used for the initial research of solutions turn out to be somewhat different from reality. :bangpan:
So your need is to use the RINEX data for post processing purposes. I get it. I'll look around too. I know the RINEX data itself is free, but I'm not sure about post processing programs.
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