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Jun 30, 2004
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Well, I built my very first hp rocket, PML's AMRAAM 3. It's finished and painted. But I didn't know enough about hp rocketry, and the directions never mention anything about motor retention. So I'm asking TRF for some post-construction motor retention suggestions, other than good ol' masking tape.

Any ideas?
You can go to your local "home" store and get conduit clamps, they come in a few different sizes and woodscrew them in, OR look into Aeropac retainers, I use them for all my rockets 38mm throught the 98mm. I also use all their adapters 98-75, 75-54, and 54-38. They might seem expensive, but are worth every penny.

If you have enough exposed motor tube, go the aeropack route. If not, then you can get some threaded inserts for the aft centering rings. Drill some holes and screw the inserts into the ring. That will allow you to use screws with washers or some other form of clip for retention.