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Oct 21, 2014
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We did this on another forum I used to moderate and it was pretty fun. I think we got close to 800 replies. Anyway, the idea is simple: Post a picture of yourself! Here's me.

OK... here's one of me, not the best shot but its alright.
and, of course, it has a rocket in it :rolleyes:
I'm gonna cover both of my bases here. I get to pick on Jim, and post a picture of myself at the same time! :D :D



Here I am posing with my Art Applewhite 29mm Qubit before its maiden voyage...
good thing i keep 800+ pictures of myself on my photobucket account for easy access. im so cool.


thats me in an angry rage because i had to get my hair cut... *sigh*
Originally posted by rabidsheeep
good thing i keep 800+ pictures of myself on my photobucket account for easy access. im so cool.


thats me in an angry rage because i had to get my hair cut... *sigh*

oh man, that's what *I* look like when I realized I just glued my motor mount in backwards... LOL

(Hint to those entering your 40's, that's why i'm bald. Please take notice!)
Here is myself alongside the best and most gorgeous girl in the world.

Me and Sarah Beth

And of course, the dumb rocketeer photo.


Oh and Ozymandias...look at my profile and check out my birthday.
Me prepping TB3 at UKRA2004, a bit worse for wear after the night before...
I've discovered I'm in almost *none* of the family photos. Here's the best I can do.
Okay, attached is a collage...

Starting in upper left - me with me L1 cert rocket, a LOC IV, Black Rock... then clock wise... me with Colin Powell (I play bagpipes and get to meet a lot interesting people)... then me playing guitar... then me in Washington, D.C. for Law Enforcement Officers Memorial week in 2002 (I'm with the local Sheriff's Honor Guard)... me with my daughter, my wife and my son at my daughter's wedding (my son-in-law is also a L1 certified)... me with my wife before the military ball (I am also in the Air National Guard Honor Guard)... my pipe band in a parade (I am the one on the right (my son is leading the band as Drum Major)... and in the center a picture from many years ago at a railroad show with my son... aren't you sorry you asked?
This is me a while back. I have more hair now. I dyed my hair for my gr. 8 Grad Dance. It was awesome. Blue hair, blue braces, blue shirt and 100% nerd.:D :D

Don't ya hate red eye!!!

I'll try and find a better pic
I'll post for two here, that's daveyfire on the left and my self on the right up at BALLS this year.
This is from NARAM 46 in August.

That's me on the left.

Astronboy in the middle.

And Rocket Russ with his back to us
Originally posted by Fuddrucker
I will post one of myself shortly but I just had to say DANG Jim, how much did that fish weigh? I never new / imagined salmon got that big.


That was a 59 pounder. not my biggest, but my first :)

I got this all figured out... I think if I post a picture of myself...
It's likely to shut down the internet...LOL

I'm the club secretary... so they made me put a picture on our club website... I figure if you really gotta see what I look like ...
check out the whole site... look for secretary... or just browse our website... Cool stuff there... we're just 8 months old...Man...!!!

P.S. vote for our site... we're really proud...!!!
I hate being photographed - my parents constantly complain that the last photo they have is my high school graduation picture, now almost 30 years old.

However, since TRF likes pictures, here's one taken of me when I got my Silver Snoopy from astronaut Mike Foale 2 weeks ago. I'm the dumpy Southerner on the right..
for the occasion ,me and the little lady took a pic with the webcam, were looking at the screen instead of the camera tho...heh
eugenefl posted this one in the Events

<a href="">TRFer's at NEFAR</a>

I'm the second from the right...