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Sep 29, 2011
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Howard, NY
My family and I used to picnic in Vasquez Rocks, living just a few miles east of them.
Great place for a kid to climb, explore, and worry his parents...
During my year and a half living in Helendale, about five years ago now, we visited once. I climbed about half way op the big channel slope and then it got to feeling steeper and narrower.

We've been re-watching the various ST series lately. During a DS9 episode (I think) that was off the station, my wife said "I'm pretty sure that's the _____ Botanical Garden." She's a horticulture librarian, so I believe her. It is sort of nice to know that every profession has some deep knowledge that's pretty much useless to people outside the profession.
I was watching a Star Trek: New Voyages episode in which accidental time travel took some of the crew to an American held fort during the Revolutionary War. I thought "That looks like Ticonderoga." Then I told myself "Don't be silly, just because Ti is the fort I've visited a few times doesn't mean that's it; I'm sure lots of forts of about the same era look about the same, and I haven't been there is years and years. Sure, there are two stone colors, which looks like the reconstruction that was done at Ti, but that's probably not unique either."

Yup, it's Ti.


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Dec 27, 2014
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No she won't. No dog will ever judge your life choices. That's why dogs are better than cats (and people).
Ahem. Our dog regularly judges our life choices. Particularly those that involve walking without her.


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Dec 5, 2013
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There was a chain saw company, I believe it was Husqvarna, that as part of the safety manual for their chainsaw stated "Do not attempt to stop blade with your genitals" Perhaps this shows why.....
That's hysterical! One of my favorites was on a Fisher motion picture dolly boom arm. There is a flat spot where the hydraulic boom comes to rest, that I'm sure looks like a good spot to lay your personal items. The warning says, "Items placed here may damage dolly when crushed."