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Our fire department had white trucks with blue stripes. Guys with red trucks always called ours an ice cream truck.

I was a lifeguard at 19, and probably didn't weigh 120lbs. There were some 16 year old guards, but I think the minimum age is 14. Anyways, we did have one "resourceful" lifeguard. Security found him overnight passed out in a lifeguard stand on the beach in his uniform and holding a rescue tube. The story was he had been partying late and had to work first thing in the morning and didn't want to be late.
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Name could use a little work.
Guess it's better than Scrambled Pedestrians.

I think the objective is to PREVENT “scrambled pedestrians.”

We had an anesthesiologist teaching Advanced Cardiac Life Support.

In the lecture on respiratory support, he said

“We do not bag patients, we ventilate patients.

If we fail to ventilate patients, then we bag patients.”