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My wife decided she wanted chickens. I didn't want chickens, so we compromised and have 9 chickens. She has trained them pretty well and takes really good care of them.

One of the daily tasks is to let them out of the chicken run into a free-range area that we put a portable fence around. So, when its time to get the chickens from the run to the free range area, she goes to that fence and opens the gate and calls the chickens and I open the other gate and the y head to her. Most of the time. As soon as one chicken decides to do something different, they all scatter and don't make it to the free range area. At that point she has to go catch each one and carry it to the area.

In order to be supportive, I usually whistle yakkety sax for a minute or so. She finds this very helpful and supportive. I need to take a video sometime.