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How many switches should be used per altimeter?

  • (3) 1 for power, and for 2 safety "shunt" switches for apogee and main charges

  • (1) for power only. This is sufficient, keep it simple!

  • (3) 1 for power, and for 2 safety "shunt" switches for apogee and main charges

  • (1) for power only. This is sufficient, keep it simple!

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Jan 17, 2009
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I am considering two new contests (in addition to the DOM) for 2005. The contests would run for 3 months (1 quarter) with one beginning in January and another in April. If popular enough, I would do something similar for July and October...

One idea would be a Deuce-Bash contest where you send in your modified Deuce's Wild. The recent thread about the USS Deuce is a great example, as is the Nike-Deuce, etc, etc, way too many to list

ANother would be a Skins contest for the A.C.M.E. Spitfire. David Urbanek commented, while building his (in the form of a Broke Brant II (after seeing the Mercury Deadstone skins on our site)) that the A.C.M.E. Spitfire was a perfect canvas for such rocket parodies as:

Whacked Corporal
Dishonest John
ASP Crack
and even:
Splaturn V
Gemini Frighten

I nearly peed when I read this list in his note on ROL! LOL

So, anyway, what are your thoughts? do we need another contest? Either of these strike your fancy? Something else?

Thoughts and opinions wanted


Jim, THAT list is gonna be hard to top!

Maybe...the Russian Sock-off Launcher
I voted for the Deuce Bash but why not do both...it's gonna be a long year :)

I cracked up when I saw that list too!
I probably will do both, in fact if I can come up wiht ideas I may do a new one each quarter next year.

Perhaps a Midnight Express and a CAUTION rocket skin contest to make a total of 4 contests...

DW bash It will give me an excuse to get multible kits cause my 3 year old boy played Godzilla hits tokyo with mine
Where is the "all of the above" button?

A few more possible ACME models:

Dolta II
So Youse Lostok
Looki Dat
This list could go on for weeks...

Nike Broke

Who's next???

ClemAndI Fightin'

Whoops, Jim already posted Gemini Frighten.


Quail Huntin'

Wrong Polarity (UGM-27, kinda unclear)

Not Entac't


3 Shrikes, you're out


Ooh!-> Pukar


I'm done.

one more: Nike aJACKED
Well, it is crystal clear that an ACME skin contest will have judging points for a name. That's firm! LOL
Since it seems that scale rocket names have been all but exhausted, try these TV/movie inspired names on for size:

Starship Dent-erprise
DIE Fighter
Colonial Vapor
How about a DW with an ACME skin?

One more:

Nike Hurturknees

Sorry, I had to! :D
How about this for a variation:

A one month contest to come up with the best Spitfire name. then a two week speed build to come up with a design follows the name.

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