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Apr 22, 2009
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(I posted this on ROL and RMR as well. This is certainly worth "getting out there.")

Ok, this one I had to share. Not sure if anyone has heard of "The Foundation For a Better Life", but I just saw one of their commercials and raced to their website. Low and behold, all of the commercials are on their site and available for download. This particular commercial utilizes model rockets as a teaching tool and places emphasis on "the power of dreaming." Although only 33 seconds long, it depicts a boy failing to launch a rocket in front of his friends due to a CATO, but with the help of his teacher he is encouraged to try again. The setting is in a science classroom and has all sorts of cool science stuff in the background including microscopes, "space" props, and a large HPR looking rocket in the corner.

Products featured: Estes Saturn V, Alpha III, Phantom (clear static display rocket), Big Bertha, and Estes basic LPR ground support. The launches all look real including the CATO. That last launch has an interesting camera angle and is obviously slowed down for effect. See it for yourself!

Here is a direct link to the movie: <a href="https://www.forbetterlife.org/media/eng/WM/WM300/Rocket_high.wmv">"Live Your Dreams"</a> or https://www.forbetterlife.org/media/eng/WM/WM300/Rocket_high.wmv .....

If that doesn't work, navigate to https://www.forbetterlife.org - click on "TV Spots", then locate the image thumbnail with the caption "Live Your Dreams" and "Rocket." The movie is listed in the righthand column.

Wow...model rocketry must be alive and well.
I saw that commercial the other day and the name flashed too fast for me to notice. I'm still not sure what it's about...rockets is my guess.

Thanks, Eugene.
thanks for posting that eugene,
its great to see rockets portrayed in a positive light for a change
I saw it, I was gonna make a post but TRF was down and then I forgot to, good think you remembered