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Use foam board for the fins and traced the fins from a Estes Big Daddy. Used wood glue and the Estes Fin Alignment Guide. Have made 5 of them and so far none of the fins have come upglued.
When I made a water pressure rocket from 2 liter soda bottles, the fins were 1/2 inch expanded polystyrene. The recommended glue for that was construction adhesive (I think specifically Loctite Premium Construction Adhesive PL3). It was bomb-proof. I recently used it to affix a 4x4 column under a basement I-beam (the 4x4 to function as a handhold and a base for a handrail). It's really, really tough. Never lost a fin.
Yeah, that's a large part of what prompted my interest. Making water rockets w/ soda bottles previously I've used Liquid Nails. Fins held on just fine but it's messy stuff to work with. Afterward I got a tube of PL3 for the next time but that project hasn't come back to the top of the to-do list yet.
Very cute. I doubt if either one is coming down faster than 35 fps, but I think you need a shorter delay on the first one. You could sand them to a less draggy shape for more altitude, but that way lies madness. You might end up trying to build something to catch up with Voyager 1.
About 12 years ago Target sold rocket noodles about 2 ft long with foam fins have two that I haven't converted yet. There were a few threads around here somewhere on conversations.
These actually may work well with zero delay booster motors with motor eject (subject to field rules and local fire conditions,)

They are featherweight ballistic recovery anyway, dumping the motor casing will reduce descent velocity. Not sure how it will affect coast phase (although it should impart a puff of acceleration at ejection), it will lose some kinetic energy.

Picking up casings is desirable but depending on field rules not essential, they are biodegradable. I routinely look for them but don’t waste sleep if I don’t find one.