Polynet Motor Casing Covers Sale!

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Jan 25, 2009
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From now until the end of May the cost of my casing covers has been reduced!
On orders under 100 ft from $0.25 to $0.20 per foot, on orders 100 feet or longer the cost will be $0.15 per foot.

My reasons for this sale are it is spring, it is my birthday next week (59), Judge Walton ruled in our favor, I need to get this out of my garage, naked casings just look wrong and any other reason you can think up.

If you go through the Rocketry Planet Auction site listing the discounts will be applied.

The best way would be to PM or email me [sailorbill_69 (at) yahoo (dot) com] with the quantity, type of shipping you like (Priority mail is about as low cost as you can get) and payment method you prefer. This will allow me to measure out the quantity, find a box , weigh it and figure shipping cost then I can bill you via e-mail or through Pay pal as you prefer for the total cost.

The cover fits cases from 29mm through 98mm.

I have attached several pictures of the covers in use.
The first shows a 29mm, a 38mm and a 54mm case with covers on. The second shows how the cases can be nested which reduces storage space. The third shows all of my casings with covers on.:D

Casing and covers 001.jpg

Casing and covers 002.jpg