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Jan 18, 2009
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Cape Coral Florida USA
Has anyone consider using political signs as a building material for model rockets? Are these signs made of paper, plastic, or such materials?

I notice these placards everywhere and they will be trash in less than one month. Of course, I would spray paint over any political message. We have to keep everyone happy at the next club launch. :rolleyes:
Actually, political signs are already trash. I see no reason why they are any different from any other litter when placed on the right of way of a public highway. I regularly pull up trunkloads by the roots and throw them in the dumpster at work. (As a public service ) A trooper of my acquaintence arrests people for illegal stopping on limited access highways when he catches them posting the dratted things. :D
And if the canidate doesn't win, he doesn't pay for his signs! :kill: I'm still amazed that people will still print those things. Only winning candidates pay, and even then, that's not a given! BTW, most signs I've seen are either metal or a sort of corrugated plastic. But I agree with rbeckey, they're already trash. But that shouldn't prevent you from having some fun like say using them as targets, or kickoff practice while they are still in the ground! :D Or if you are really bent on launching them, cut a 29mm hole in the middle and turn it into a pyramid. Load up an F50 and let 'er rip!
I've found that the steel rods they sometime use are good for launch rod replacements. Some in our area are corrugated plastic, too thick for fins, but I'll find a use for them. And as an aside, the law in our state gives a candidate a certain number of days after an election to pick all their signs up or face a fine.
The corrugated plastic signs would indeed be great use for tetrahedrons, saucers, and/or spools :D

A little useless information for you... In the sign business, those roadside signs are known as "bandit signs". 'Nuff said!

We now return to our regularly scheduled program.
Originally posted by lalligood
A little useless information for you... In the sign business, those roadside signs are known as "bandit signs". 'Nuff said!

I was once a bandit! :eek:

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