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May 8, 2012
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Southern Calif
I was considering purchasing my first kit from Polecat. I 'd to get the 4" Jayhawk, but it hasn't been available in quite some time. Has anyone been able to get a response from them? I tried emailing them when the kit would be available and no such luck. I just figure there's a lot of work involved making the parts and I noticed they have several cool kits unavailable. Is it a one man operation? If so I that would probably explain it.:)
I have that kit and broke a fin. Tried for several months to elicit a response with respect to buying a replacement. Gave up about a year ago. They run ads, however do not seem to respond to communication.
FWIW-Jack G from What's Up Hobbies (defunct) was going to bring them back before he retired from the road. I heard it was sold to somebody else and that's essentially the last I heard of them.
I keep checking in from time to time, hoping that the 5.5" Jayhawk will be back in stock. No dice...
Oh well, saves me money.
You may want to try Bay Area Rocketry, Mike may have some kits in stock.
Madcow might be willing to make you a 4" version. They have 4" cardboard tubes and about the right nose. You might have to come up with your own tailcone.
I am hoping the Thumper Jr 54mm comes in stock at some point... eyes pretty much set at this point.
This is why I bought my 10" Goblin; it was in stock. I wish now I'd grabbed a fatman, as well.
Been thinking about a Woket. They did show them in stock last time I looked. Their shipping was outrageous though.

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I bought a large SUV with intentions of getting that 15" thunderstorm

Salesman did question the size of rocket , I had a picture :)
Darn now it shows store front closed

This is sad. Always loved their kits. At least I was able to pick up three or so kits during this last resurrection. Still have the 5.5" Pershing II to build.
A club member generously passed on a 5.5" Mercury Redstone kit to me last year. I have been working on it off and on since then. It's an excellent kit, I wish I could get my hands on a Saturn V as well.
Last I heard, Tim Ziegenbein (spelling?) in Oregon owned Polecat. Yes, it's basically a one-man/one family show, and not his/their day job.

I have the 10" FatMan. Awesome rocket. After attempting to lawn-dart the rocket, I was able to procure a replacement segment of 10" body-tube from the company early this year (March, maybe), but it took some doing (repeated calls and emails). At that time, they indicated they were having issues getting someone to glass the cardboard tubing that they used - their usual supplier stopped doing it.

I'm hoping that they've just closed the storefront until they can figure out their supply line issues and will be back (eventually), but I can't make any statements as to the accuracy of that hope. After the complaints I've heard/seen on this forum about non-responsive suppliers, I think that closing the storefront is likely the most responsible action if inventory is unavailable.

They deserve credit for closing up if they are having supply issues. We all know what happens when a vendor stays open, keeps taking money, and doesn't deliver....
Always loved their kits.

+1. I did all 3 of my certifications with Polecat rockets, back when Andy W. owned WUH. When Jack G. took over, he supplied me with the core materials (tubes, couplers, rings, nose cone, tail cone) the 10" Jayhawk was made from. Great rocket company.

L1, Polecat 4" Jayhawk
L2, Polecat Wocket (I had built the Polecat 5.5" Jayhawk for this, but WI winter low ceilings forced my backup plan.)
L3, Polecat 7.5" Patriot
Good to see. I like their products, but they need serious improvements in running a business.
Polecat has an ad for the 15" Thunderstorm in the July/August Sport Rocketry magazine.

That ad has consistently been there for a long time, as long as I can remember. I think they must pay an annual fee up front, and then the ad continues to run for a year or something. I have seen ads for other defunct vendors continue to show up.

Anyway, looks like good news is forthcoming.
I just hope this is not going to be a rehash of the BSD saga. If they are dead, I hope they just roll over and show some dignity. Don't tease us for years.
They could always ask for donations. I see some for-profit organizations doing that these days.
I just hope this is not going to be a rehash of the BSD saga. If they are dead, I hope they just roll over and show some dignity. Don't tease us for years.

My thoughts exactly......


I still kick myself for never finishing, and ultimately trashing, my Thor.

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