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Jan 20, 2009
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Hi all,

At Rocstock XX I talked myself into a Polecat 7.5 75mm V2 (I love it when I can do that). My question is, has any one build and flown this as a level 3? how did (or would) you modify it for duel deployment?----let me know what you think.
I've got one of those - superb kit. I used it for my level 2 ( https://www.rocketry.org.uk/html/l2v21.htm ).

If I used it for L3 I'd probably use and ARRD. If you build the altimeter bay as per the instructions you'd have easy access to the ARRD retaining bolt for ease of removal. The only concern I'd have is that you might not have body tube all around the main chute deployment bag, so you'd need to make sure it will stay in securely when you blow the nose off. I used a Rocketman R9C ProXP with a Kevlar (24" I think) drogue and it fitted in ok. Can't think why you'd need anything bigger.

Just make sure that the fins are securely attached to the motor and body tube. Might be worth doing a tip-tip glassing of the fins for L3. The nose and boat tail are more than strong enough for L3. Works of art.
Great video and photos! I'm thinking of extending the motor tube into the nosecone for the main chute. I'll keep you all posted!
I've been thinking about adding another 20.5 inches to help with the CG. With this added lenght the V-2 would look like the ARROW or the R-2 (Russian).