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Apr 29, 2003
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I have just finished a Polecat 4in V2. It is all fiberglass except for the fins. It came with a 54mm motor tube, but I am using a 38mm adapter. There is an Aeropack retainer at the end of the adapter which works out really nice. The adapter is actually fixed by three all thread rods that extend from the lower CR. I mounted a MAWD altimeter between the CRs. I did this in case I try a Skyripper hybrid in the future. The upper body tube is removable for access to the altimeter. It is held in place by a lip made from a CR with a 3in hole. The lip is located such that the washer/nut at the top of the rods clamps down on it.

See details at https://sears572.com/gallery/PolecatV2

The rocket weighs slightly more than 4lbs with a Rocketman chute.

I plan to fly it on a H123 for the first flight at the upcoming SEARS 572 launch on Dec 11th at Headland AL.

I am very pleased with the way it came out. This rocket replaces the my beefed up Estes V2 wihich crashed because the ejection charge was on my prep table not in the rocket.

nice!.. I like the idea of the removeable section also
Ain't them Polecat kits SWEET?

Love the adapter mod and the Aeropack Retainer. I have a 38mm one on my wish list for Christmas for my Thumper Jr.. I fell in love with them after seeing Eric's (rocwizard) 54mm on his 4" Sumo clone.

I love the Polecats kits.... I have the 5.5" inch Nike Smoke, and the 7.5" Thumper is on my Christmas list..... Thanks for sharing that, it looks awesome! Great job!!!