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Jan 26, 2009
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thank u, next
FWIW-- Earl Cagle just came out with his LDRS XXII video. He said it was frustrating not having enough time after-hours to work on it, but knowing Earl, the quality is fantastic. I'm a very satisfied owner of all of his other tapes... well worth the wait! His twelve years of experience shows in the camera and editing work.

[email protected]

I just ordered mine :)

(Mods, move this if it should be somewhere else...)
Any info on price? I'd be interested in this...

I SERIOUSLY need to get more rocketry-related VHS's and DVD's!

Another vote for Earl's great videos. I've never been disappointed with Point 39 Productions.

Jason, send Earl an e-mail and he'll send you a listing of the tapes available.

He sells them for $20 each or two for $35... so I always buy them in two packs... most current and one older one... slowly building up my collection.