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Jan 18, 2009
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Just finishing the 4" dia. PML Patriot. Trying to find out about the color of the sensor covers on the payload section. I can not find an Estes version with the yellow payload section. The NARTS drawing shows them as being dark brown with black lines down the middle ? From what I've read the "yellow" payload section that Estes used was never an operations version ?

Even if it is not, I still like the look of that version and am leaning towrad finishing it in that decor. BTW the model is just a sport flyer.

Here's a pic of my Estes Patriot. It looks "stock" but it actually opens just below the ARMY on the BT. It's a zipperless mod with a baffle. There is about 10' of 3/16 wide cloth sewing stuff from Walmart as shock cord attached to the nose cone. The fins are 3mm plywood and through the tube mounted to the 24mm MMT. There are 6-32 threaded inserts in the aft 3mm plywood CR for positive retention and it flys great on anything from C11-3 to F24-7W. Haven't tried the F39-9T yet but I'm sure it'll do great on that too.

The "sensor cover" in the yellow section are the black decals that come with the Estes kit.

Hope this helps.

Here's a "Family Photo" that includes my Pro Series Patriot.