PML Extended 54mm Kwik Switch Motor Options?

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Jan 17, 2009
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Thinkin' about K motors for an L2 flight...

Really a cost planning and options question for those in the know. What motor cases Actually fit in a PML 54mm Extended Kwik Switch MMT?

It's about 17 3/8" long measured from the bottom of the forward threaded flange to the aft end of tube where a PML retainer will be. AND! I must mention, it's already built and installed, so the MMT just is what it is at this point.

(Yah, I know, If I really wanna go out and play with the Big Kids, I shouldn't limit my MMT's);)

On a tentative motor hunt, it *looks* like an RMS 54/1706 case might fit according to RockSim on a reload length (K550W) basis...but, then factor in Pro54/AMW/Loki type casing geometries/grain number and I start getting a little more dizzy than I usually am.

Any hard facts that I missed somewhere as to what cases one can stomp into said MMT and still get the retainer screwed in?

Thnx in advance for any input...

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These are the maximum size hardware for each manufacturer that will fit - according to your measurements

1) AMW and Gorilla 54-1400
2) CTI 54-4 Grain case
3) Loki 54-1600: unfortunately there are no loads certified for this case yet, so the 54-1200 case is your option with certified loads
4) AT 54-1706

Those kwik-switch mounts are the most useless and restrictive mounts made - and the forward screw is fairly fragile. Use standard 54mm tubing with Aeropack or homemade adapters for flying smaller diameter casings.