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Jan 25, 2009
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Hi all,

I'm considering asking for one of these kits for my 18th birthday in March, so I'd like to hear comparisons between the two. They're both 4" diameter and similar in height, and have split fin designs (drool!), so I'd like to hear pros and cons about each kit.

I'm leaning towards the Endeavour because it seems that few people have one and I have always wanted one, and I need to try a PML kit, preferably sooner rather than later. I've also heard nothing but good things about the Thor, so I'm still on the fence.

Also, I gotta do something with these new 38mm cases!!:D

Thanks all,


Just a refresher!

Get both:D In all seriousness though, I recommend the Thor, for several reasons. It doesn't use quantum tube, you can fit a bigger motor in it thant the Endeavor<always a good thing>, and it is very easily configured to use dual deploy. Not to mention it looks great when finished with all the decals.
I too like the looks of the Thor better, but I'd advise the Endeavor. QT shouldn't be as big an issue for you in FL as it would, say for us up here in WI. You may enjoy the Kwik Switch MMT and, I don't know if you've used piston ejection before, but if you haven't, it's a new skill to learn, which is always a good thing, yes?
Agreed, Kermie. I assume I'd have to get rid of the piston to do dual deploy? If not...that'd be a huge plus. I'd love to fly the Endevour on a 54/852 motor at some point. :)

I'm gonna ask for the Endeavour for my b-day, QT and all, then buy the Thor later on.

Originally posted by jetra2
I'm gonna ask for the Endeavour for my b-day, QT and all, then buy the Thor later on.

Go for it! And to hold you over, try my <a href="">Tiny THOR downsize</a>. :)
Using a piston doesn't really require much skill. It's pretty simple. One thing about PML kits though is that you will want to make sure to include vent holes below and above the piston. Beyond that, there are a few things you will want to do after each flight to take care of the QT, such as wipe out the inside of the BT with a baby wipe or something so that ejection charge residue doesn't build up and prohibit the piston from sliding in and out. You will also want to lightly sand the piston with a fine grit sandpaper after each flight for the same reason. And make sure you don't sand the inside of the QT except for areas you are planning on using epoxy on. Sanding those areas allows ejection charge residue to build up as well.

Beyond that, PML kits are pretty simple.

On a personal note, I like the Thor better for a couple of reasons. You can get it with a 54mm mount so you can fly a wide range of motors in it. Plus it is dual deploy ready, which I don't think the Endeavor is. And it looks sweet on the pad and in flight!

Just my $.02

Pistons don't require much skill, but it's still something different from what the average kit offers. On any HPR bird, I try to do something a little different than I've done before, just to have the experience. Sometimes it's not even something more advanced than I've done before, only different.

I have built both the Thor and the Endeavor and enjoyed both greatly. The Endeavor is a great kit and a somewhat easier build. That is, no airfoiling of the g-10 fins, no slotting the airframes, no spirals to fill, no glassing. That being said, I enjoyed the challenge that the Thor provided as it provided some new challenges for me. You also can't beat BSD's vinyl graphics, and using almost any variation of the stock Thor paint job gives great looks. And I am STILL a year later trying to find a paint scheme that is interesting and visually pleasing for the Endeavor...
I'm just going to chime in that I'd like to see someone do a Thor with a yellow booster & a RED payload/nose cone :D

Just my $0.02.

BTW, you really can't go wrong with either one!!! Both are great choices :cool:
I have the Endeavor and am hoping my wife gets the hint on the Thor for XMAS. The Endeavor is was a reasonably easy build and if you want to do a dual deploy, you can go back and add the CPR3000. Everybody beats on QT for winter, yet I have not had a problem with any of my PML kits. I kind of like the piston and have, again, never had any difficulty.

I do like the Kwick-Switch on the Endeavor as it is kind of handy.


That is a sweet looking rocket :). I'd go with the phenolic version, and glass it. I don't like the idea of using quantum tube.