PML Endeavour dimensions


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Feb 28, 2009
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In the recent EXTREME ROCKETRY issue with the Korey Kline interview, theres a full page pic of Korey holding what is described as faux-missile-scalelike.

It looks like a standard 4" dia PML Endeavour without a nose, but
with an interior 2.6" full-length stuffer tube and cone for a functional ramjet-style kitbash.

I'm looking to build a 50% downscale so a rocsim of the fullsize Endeavour would help greatly. There is a rocsim file of the smaller Endeavour at EMRR, but not the bigger one.

I looked on the PML website, and they have all sorts of fins dimensioned, but I'm not sure which one of the custom fins is the Endeavour finset.

Any help out there???