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Jan 20, 2009
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I love these kits! But I really hate the black and yellow scheme I have on my Endeavor and the aqua on my Small Endeavor now.

I've had both of them built for ages now, but just can't find a paint scheme that I like the look of for the shape of the rocket. Anybody have any pics of your Endeavor/Small Endeavor that might help inspire me?
Not sure how inspirational this is, but it looks pretty good on the pad. I call it 'Orange Rush' and it has an orange body, bright yellow nose cone, and red fins. I fly it with a bright orange 12" drogue and a bright orange 70" Top Flight parachute that I put out at 500' and it looks pretty good in the air, too.

Here's Orange Rush lifting off on a K550 on its way to 7305'.

BTW, I brightened this photo a bit to bring out the colors. This launch was in Oct. and the sun was behind the rocket, making it a bit dark.
My Endeavor is blue, with basic yellow and orange flames. I've not flown it yet, as I finished it at the end of the launch season. Here is a pic of it, just days after I finished her up.
I chose a grey airframe with a white nosecone and light green fins...

Actually I want to paint it candy purple over a silver base. I just can't decide how to treat the fins.

Originally posted by Hospital_Rocket
I chose a grey airframe with a white nosecone and light green fins...


Oh man ; a naked rocket! What's the world comming to? :D

Originally posted by RocketmanTM I slow or what... Only after ALS's post did I get the joke, Hospital...

Don't feel bad. One of our board members is always flying naked rockets. The joke was that Lloyds rockets were alergic to paint.

Been flying a few bare ones myself. Guess I'll have to learn how to paint them on the field. Don't seem to have time otherwise.

Thanks for the cool ideas gang. I think I've decided to try to do a "fire" paint job on mine. Saw a car show a little while ago on Discovery or TLC where the guy did a flame paint scheme that looked like real fire. I found a sample with Google and have attached it on. This style of flames looks totally wicked!
Well, it's been 4 months, and I finally dug out the spray gun and airbrush today to try the fire effect. What do you all think of the results?
and the last one. For my first attempt at this kind of "Tru-flame" as it seems to be called in the automotive world, I'm pleased with the results.
Yeah, it looks very good. Are you going to try to put a clear-coat over it, as I think this will help bring out the colour a little more.
Nice work!

The work of Killer Paint's Mike Lavallee is un-freakin'-believable! I've been to Bike Week & Biketoberfest in Daytona Beach & have had the opportunity to see a couple motorcycles that he has painted... He 0wnz the technique on "Tru Fire" (as he calls it).

BTW, check out his website as there is a DVD for sale that walks you through using his technique!

Any chance you could post a picture of the green & white Thor in the background? Looks like a cool paint scheme!
That looks great! By the way - what's the insanely huge motor mount in the back ground going into?
Thanks guys. I do need to clearcoat it still. I wanted to give it a chance to cure before adding that into the mix.

Thanks for the referance....I couldn't remember the guy's name who I saw on Discovery. I'll get a pic of the Thor to you. Really, it's just the stock paint scheme rearranged with green in front and white in back.

Check out the build thread on the motor mount...:D
My small endeavour in "Cheesy Flames" I got from and RC Car shop...

When my Small Endeavour was finished I thought it looked clumsy. As a designer I know that dark colors seems smaller than light colors. So I painted the first rocket half black. The aft half of the rocket is yellow. That way the entire rocket and especially the nose cone looks a lot more slim and stream lined. And old optical trick often used in graphic design.

You can see it here:

Here is mine, not the best Photo

Red and black with red at top and fin can, black in the middle.

BTW the motor is a J420R
Here is my Scratch Built Ultimate Endeavor Look Alike. It is 5'5" in diameter and 8' tall. Purple Nosecone and Booster. I painted it out in the desert the day before it's first launch. It will get a bit of an update but not bad for winging it I think.
Serious stuff that ultimate one!
I´m soon starting to build the medium Endeavour but it will seem small compared to your "arrow". The Enedeavours seems like a popular line of rockets.

Beautyful work.

Knut Stut
Geez... it's really weird to see a thread that I started so long ago resurface!

I think that this may get me going on the re-paint job on my Small Endeavor!
Originally posted by MEGANUK1350

Wednesday the day before LDRS i painted all my rockets at about 8 PM when i arrived (yes, i painted them in the dark)

Sights and smells of summer..........

I love doing that.


Seems like you guys are always doing this. Besides it worked and you got your L3. Hopefully we'll see you in July. BRS is hosting this year. Looks like the last weekend in July.

NAR L2 - got to fix that one of these days
Here's a pic of my PML Endeavor / BSD Thor inspired scratch built lowpower design 'Valkyrie 2' that flies with twin 18mm mounts....
'Valkyrie 1' was slightly shorter bird with a single 24mm mount that was lost in orange grove from Hades....
'Valkyrie 3' is on the drawing board, will be a high power design hopefully to fly late 2006. Both V1 and V2 have / had thru the wall basswood fins and internal baffles for ruggedness and quick turnaround...