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Jan 17, 2009
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I was doing some cleaning and stumbled across a PMC I built years ago. This was some robot model that caught my eye and when I started building it I thought it would make a very cool PMC (Plastic Model Conversion).

I thought TRF would get a kick out of it :) here is a pic of it standing upright (it is about 9" tall)
Here is the underside, showing the dual 13mm motor mounts.

She *does* fly :) She gets about 40-50 feet on a pair of A10-3T motors
A rear view shows the backpack on the robot. This is where I vent the ejection gasses. You can see two shock cords running from the robots hands into the back pack.
This last view shows him in recovery mode. The arms are articulated so that when the backpack pops and the chute comes out, with it attached to those shock cords running to his hands, it will pull his arms up into a classic para-trooper form :)

It isn't the best performing rocket i've ever done (even for a PMC), but it does its job :)
Now... get some of those Apogee B7 or C6 motors... then you will be all set ;). How stable is that rocket?

My boy's will love that. I'll have to show them the pics in the morning.

(Gort...clatoo barada nictoo)

She has a lot of weight forward to help, but she isn't the *most* stable rocket i've ever built... :p

Several problems include weight distribution, very uneven exterior body, low motive power...

Not one I would recommend, but cool none the less :)
well, ya gotta understand... in 40 years of rocketry, over 30 of that designing, i did a LOT of experimenting with design ideas...

Not everything worked and not everything worked well (those that did are now kits :D - well *some* of them. I have a LOT left to get into production)...

This beast was an interesting experiement. Doubt if I would go through the trouble again, but she *does* work, even if only marginally. It does tend to attract a crowd though :)
Have you ever tried building one with a jet pack, i.e. place the motors into a backpack contraption?
I thought about building a robot PMC for my Descon 12 entry, but decided to build it from scratch. Just when I though I had an original idea.....