Please help with Openrocket or maybe just computer help

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Aug 13, 2017
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Why cant I get Openrocket to work on my computer? I use Windows, downloaded Java, downloaded Openrocket. now what? I cant get the .jar files to do anything. I have tried different methods of extraction (unpacker and jar file opener) all with no success. I am moderately computer savvy but not a whiz by any means. any and all help would be much appreciated, thanks.
Don't do anything with the jar file other than double click it while viewing in file explorer. If java is installed correctly, that action alone should launch open rocket.

Once that works, you can also create a shortcut:
Target: <path_to_folder_where_open_rocket_is>\OpenRocket-15.03.jar

assuming you have the 15.03 version.

Start in: <wherever you want>

Should be pretty simple.
Right click on the Open Rocket file.... left click "open with" or "open using" (depending on which version of windows)..... There will be a box to click for "always use", click that, then select Java from the list of programs.
I suspect you have set windows to open JAR files using the unpacker. Try holding the shift then right and choose open with, should see Java listed there I believe.

looks like TRex beat me to it