Please give a prayer for my Mother

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Aug 3, 2011
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Reed City, Michigan (Lower)
She'll be 91 in June.
She was put on real strong blood thinner last month and doctor warned of falling and bumping her head as it would cause bleeding.
She fell tonight getting into bed. Several areas are turned purple has bleeding has occurred inside.
6 years ago she fell on the ice coming out of a Dollar General store and broke her left hip and had to have a complete ball and socket.
Found out she has osteoporosis. Tonight's fall left her with severe pain in her right hip, pretty sure she broke it as the apartment is ground floor and concrete.
Wife is with her at the hospital now getting x-rays and MRI of her head.
The end to a perfectly rotten day all around.
Thank You Kindly everyone.
Sorry to hear it. Consider it done, best of luck with the recovery.
May the strength and the love of the Lord be with her and with you and your family.

I just went through a series of similar events. I remember the pain, frustration and worry well. I am praying for your mother, your wife and you, specifically for relief of pain and healing.
Praying for you now.

Lost my dad on 11/1. Would have turned 91 on 11/23. It is rough when you get that age.
So very sorry to hear this. MY prayers are with you and your family. My Mom is turning 88 this year. She also has osteoporosis so I know what you must be going through. Their bones are very brittle and getting around either requires a cane or walker. My mom uses both. Please keep us posted on her condition.
Thinking of you and your mom. When my 92-year-old grandpa was sick, it helped me to remember that nobody gets over 90 without being tough and coming back from injury/illness many times.
Thank You Kindly Everyone for the prayers.
The break is clean through, but not out of place.
She had some fluid in her lungs, so they had to clean that up today and get her off the blood thinners.
She is on IV Morphine for the pain, and pretty much stays asleep.
She is set for surgery for 1pm tomorrow.
We didn't get to talk to the surgeon today before we had to leave, so the procedure is unclear at this time.
But I imagine since surgery is involved, and no parts need replacing, that plates and screws will be involved.
We will know tomorrow when we talk to the surgeon.
From the nurse, she will be several days in recovery and to start rehab.
From there she will be sent back here to Reed City Hospital where she will stay for the remaining of her rehab.
With her left hip replacement it was 3 weeks. I think it will be less this time, at least we are hoping so.
And yes boatgeek, she has been one tough lady all her life. And glad she has been.
Sounds rough, I wish her the best. She got around well enough to do rehab for the break. Hopefully, she can do it again and make a full recovery.
Mother's doing well. Was able to eat dinner but went right to sleep.
Still on the morphine.
Surgeon says she did real good. He only used 2 screws to hold her together.
She might be moving back to the Reed City Hospital as soon as Monday.
We have our fingers crossed.
Sounds like she may yet out live us all. Continuing to hope and pray all good things for you and yours forever.