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Jan 17, 2009
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Hi All,
Just doing some workshop cleaning and found one of my favorite little projects from the early 90s. This was an attempt to make a more futuristic version of the Centuri point. It used the Aero Shroud material from the Quest Space Clipper and alot of the little molded plastic detail parts that come in some of the quick kits. It also has one of the prototype cockpits from the X-30 Aerospace Plane. I thought it looked kind of neat and wanted to share it with everybody. I hope you like it...
WOW! Thats a cool looking scratchbuild/kitbash/custom designed concoction.

I was pondering how to use up all those little Quest parts myself.
(Did you use the 4-way apollo thrusters?)

Its such a neat design, I'm surprised you didn't find a contest to enter it in or send some photos to SPORT ROCKETRY to publish.
Or even submit a plan!!!!

Great customizing. Keep it up.

Chris Timm
Hey Chris,
Thanks for the compliments! I guess the reason there are no plans is that I never really measure anything of plan anything out when I build it. The best I can generally do is take a bunch of pictures when its done! I want to scale this one up to take 3 D motors, the exhaust pattern should look great!!! I think the ONLY part on that little parts tree that I DIDN'T use were the thrusters! Actually, those parts will not be included in any of the future Quest kits so don't pitch the ones you have!