Plastic tie bar broke, need better way to secure shock cord to coupler, any ideas?

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Feb 10, 2017
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See below, I failed my initial L1 test with my LOC Expediter because the plastic tie bar on the coupler broke and the shock cord came free of the payload section. At the launch, people had varying suggestions for a better way to secure the shock cord, such as:
* drill holes through the sides of the coupler and make a kevlar loop
* epoxy eyebolt and washer to the bottom of the coupler
* drywall toggle bolt

Any other thoughts?
Thanks, Bill


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Any of those above methods will certainly work. I've been known to drill the holes, pass the shock cord through it, and just call it good, for "quick and easy."

Cutting off the plastic base and installing a plywood bulkhead with an attached U-bolt, too (wash inside of NC, sand with some 60-grit, epoxy in place up at top of shoulder).