Plaster Blaster 8: Jim Neubauer's Colonial Viper

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Jan 18, 2009
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Another of the 'large' projects flown over the weekend was Jim Neubauer's large Battlestar Galatica Colonial Viper.

Jim and a friend built it in the four weeks before Plaster Blaster 8.

Weight was 100 lbs. and it was powered by an AeroTech RMS 75mm M1500G motor.

The model had a great flight and recovered ready to be flown, again. :D It reached an altitude of 773 ft. according to the on-board altimeter.

PB8-04 Readying Jim Neubauer's Colonial Viper.jpg

PB8-05 Colonial Viper ready to launch.jpg

PB8-06 Viper ignition.jpg

PB8-08 Viper away.jpg

PB8-09 Viper climbing.jpg
In some ways this was the most impressive flight of PB8; it was perfectly choreographed and executed. One amusing detail (probably not planned) was the flutter of the laser cannons on ascent.
Very nice! One rocket our very own 'Viper Queen' would be proud of! :D
@ Bob, great shots & rocket background/detail! i love the close up of the kills.
Thanks to everyone who took video and pictures of the Colonial Viper. I got so involved with getting the Viper launched I missed getting lift-off pictures.

Thanks again

Jim Neubauer
Neubauer Rockets

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