Plaster Blaster 2004

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Dec 22, 2003
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This year at Plaster Blaster there was a 20 ft Vostock launched and I was wondering if anyone knows what the name of the team that launched it?
I am in the design stages of a similar concept and was looking for info on how they droped the boosters off in flight.
it was full of cesaroni motors, I beleive Andy Worner built it
Yes, it was Andy Woerner and a bunch of other folks from the San Diego area. Not really a "team" but more of a bunch of people that wanted to help Andy build something unique. Here's a link to his Polecat Aerospace page, which has his contact info on it.

Polecat Aerospace

yah it was and woerner from polecat's that built it along with a bunch of volunteers. (i got to help with the recovery system for the boosters :D )
Thank you very much!!

This place is full of knowlege that people are willing to share, Great place!!