Plans for OOP Fat Cat F104

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Jan 30, 2009
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This is one of the coolest MPR kits I have ever seen. It went out of production shortly before I became a BAR.

Does anyone know where I can find plans for this bird? If someone has a kit they'd like to part with, that would be cool too!

I saw one of these today on the flightline at the monthly Music City Missile Club launch in TN. Not sure who it belongs to, and it didn't fly while I was there, but it sure looked nice. I can believe the comments about it being heavy, it's a solid looking bird. For what its worth, the one Andy Hobbs did his EMRR review on is a piece of art in my book.
I can't remember if he said he beefed the build up, or if he needed lots of nose weight to get her stable for the motors he was using.