PK3 29/40-120x3 29/120x2 38/1320 (price drop on PK3)

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May 15, 2016
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I'll ship the motors, but pickup only on the PK3 10/30/16 in potter NY at the URRG launch.

First up is a Painkiller 3. Was a cool kit I grabbed after URRF2, but never wound up finishing. Looking at my collection of rockets, It doesn't really have a place anymore for me. Booster is half built, MMT is installed with a Kevlar harness and an aeropack. Mount is put in with aeropoxy, aeropack is on with JB Weld.
I added a stepped bulk plate to the nose, and all thread into the metal tip to make the cone an av-bay.
Avbay to booster connection is made with SS screws countersunk into the airframe. the nuts on the backside are not glued in yet. (current screws are too long, plan was to order shorter ones from mcmaster carr when I finished the build).

$130 or best offer

$60 for 38/1320 Rousetech case

Selling 3 more of my 29 40-120 motors. $45 a pop (3 left)

I also have 2 29/120 cases I'll let go for $25 each. (cases only)

and a DMS delay drill for $15
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