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Jan 19, 2009
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Well, as Jim(Blackjack2564) pointed out, he came over to the house for a Day After Christmas Christmas Dinner..Afterwords we were shooting the breeze about what I had planned for my L3 flight, and he said it would be cool to build a micro! I concurred and we went into the 'Kit Room' to go through our choices..

The pile of MM's I pulled out..There were a couple more like the Twiddly and I think one other I didn't pull out..

And our choices..I took on the challenge of doing the Teeny Trisk and Dead Ringer while Jim worked on the HEMV-4.

Jim and Jon Micro Builds 001.jpg

Jim and Jon Micro Builds 006.jpg
While Jim got busy working on the HEMV, I got busy working on the Dead Ringer, a sorta tube fin design with open truss fins..A very kewl:cool: design(at least to me, my step-daughter thought it was only 'okay':rolleyes:)

Here the rings are glued together and the coupler/motor block is glued into the motor tube..

Then, a bit 'sturdier' kevlar leader is installed..The rings slip over the white tube and then -with the leader in the tube- the upper tube is glued to the 'coupler' sandwiching the rings between the two brown tubes..Starting to look like a rocket!:roll:

Jim and Jon Micro Builds 020.jpg

Jim and Jon Micro Builds 023.jpg
Now, it is time for the fins to go on..The fins are of an 'open' design with a 'triangle' cut out of them..Nicely laser cut fiber/cardstock material..Lines were marked on the tubes..Then the fins were tacked on with CA. The rings need to be squeezed a tiny bit to get a little bit of outward deflection for the fin tip to enter into the ring, but it didn't require much and the fins went on with hardly any grief. The snugness of the rings helps in getting the radial alignment 'just right'.:D

Afterwords, the supplied thread is tied to the leader and then using the teeny brad nail is secured to the nosecone..A 'completed' picture will come later in a group shot with the Teeny Trisk. ;)

Jim and Jon Micro Builds 034.jpg
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Seeing as how I had pretty much wrapped up the Dead Ringer and Jim was still working on the HEMV-4, I started on the Teeny Triskelion..And , no doubt, this guy is TEENY! Measuring just a scant over 4" tall, has got to be one of the smallest rockets I have ever built..Yeah, as I think on it, it IS the smallest rocket I have ever built, the smaller ones were some LPB's I got early in my BARdom..lol..

Anyways, here the fins are being put together, the 'end plate' gets glued on and the motor mount gets assembled..

And a look over at Jim..Busy marking a tube...

Jim and Jon Micro Builds 037.jpg

Jim and Jon Micro Builds 039.jpg
Here the fins are all put together..End plates glued on, fillets added now as they will be impossible to do once the fins are glued on the body tube.. The kevlar thread is tied off to the top of the motor mount and successfully fished through the body tube for the motor mount to be glued in place..

All that is left is to glue the fins to the body tube! Using the 'double glue' method 'twas an easy affair to do! Then an overhand double knot is tied to the end of the kevlar thread and it is secured to the nose cone with the teeny brad nail and a couple drops of glue..

And with the exception of taping the streamer on the Teeny Trisk is done! :)

Jim and Jon Micro Builds 044.jpg

Jim and Jon Micro Builds 046.jpg

Jim and Jon Micro Builds 045.jpg
And just to round things up..A couple more shots..

A 'family' picture of the full size Triskelion and Teeny Triskelion..

And then a shot with the Dead Ringer making an appearance!

All in all, a very enjoyable evening of building rockets! I really enjoyed building these little 'buggers', which will make my L3 build SOOO much easier..Wow, I got SOOO much room to do such and such!:roll:

Thank you Mr Flis for some really great kits! :D

Jim and Jon Micro Builds 048.jpg

Jim and Jon Micro Builds 049.jpg
Ain't micro's great!

What else could you build where 2 guys are building 3 rockets at the same time on a 2ft. by 2ft. end table and still have room for more!
All lookin Good Jim;
You'll find painting the Teeny Triskelion is both fun and a challenge. it is one of those that really gets a lot of attention on the field and is a really Fun Flyer!

MM 341Lp02b_MM Tiny Triskelion on pad (Open Spot)_ 03-15-08.JPG
Thanks John!..Ummm, Jon here..LOL..Anyways, I don't really intend on doing a flashy paint job like you did on yours..Prolly a single color..Though, I DID do the 'fancy' paint job on the big one!

Hopefully we will get a chance to fly them later on today-providing of course Ms Nature cooperation!:rolleyes:

All lookin Good Jim;
You'll find painting the Teeny Triskelion is both fun and a challenge. it is one of those that really gets a lot of attention on the field and is a really Fun Flyer!
Great builds :) All 3 of these are great fliers and a lot of fun on the field.

How is that HEMV-4 coming along?

Keep us posted and good luck getting launch photo's... :)