Piotr Tendera's TSP Motors from Poland

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I don't think this statement is true as it stands, regardless of competition purposes or for general model rocketry. Klima has some very nice motors like a full D in the standard 18/70 size (Estes A/B/C) and also long burners like C2 and D3 in the same size. And they are cheaper in Germany than equivalent Estes motors in the US ... Reliability may be an issue, but personally I've never had any problems with Estes, Klima, TSP, more obscure 40-year old Eastern European motors. The "worst" motors are old (>10 years) Aerotechs, which are quite common in Europe unfortunately.

I do get the impression that if European motors like Klima or TSP are 1.4S, they can be shipped to the US pretty easily and as long as they are below 62.5 g (which they all are) they are not Hazmat either, and would "only" require NAR certification? I must be missing something, that sounds too easy.

Only motors with 30 grams propellant or less in the US are classified as 1.4S and can be shipped non-hazmat via USPS.
Attached are 3 photos of the thrust-time curves of the new D20, E20, and F35 Mid-power motors from TSP in Poland owned and operated by Piotr Tendera. I asked him what propellant he was using and he stated:

Potassium perchlorate 78%
Phenolic resin 17%
Special additives 5% (catalysts

They are the same size as Estes 24mm motors I do believe. AT least the DE are. I don't know any specifics like the propellant weight in each motor, or what the casing or nozzle is made of but the nozzles look like pressed clay.

It's my understanding that these are being distributed by Klima in the EU and the UK. They are CE marked. And I assume that they contain less than 20 grams of propellant or they wouldn't be allowed to be sold in Germany. In Germany, if a rocket motor has more than 20 grams of propellant an explosives license in required to purchase and use. And you think regulation is bad here?

TSP has also been making FAI 10mm motors for years now for FAI Spacemodellng competition in the EU.

Piotr/TSP is also making those little, old and out-of-production motors for hand-launched jetex-type gliders and he's exploring the possibility of selling them here.

so does anybody want to move to Europe with me? :oops:
These motors (long burners L, and D, E and F) are also sold in the Netherlands by Modelraketten.NL,
in Germany by Modelraketen-shop.DE or Modelrockets.DE
and in Belgium by Modelrocket.BE.

Modelraketten.NL :)