Picked up some new electronics!


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Oct 10, 2016
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So, unfortunately, my launch year is over until next year, but the timing is good because I have my second kiddo on the way in a week!

I am also going to be purchasing the Tomach from Madcow Rocketry for my L2 cert flight next year.

I bought and assembled the Eggtimer Classic, I haven't had time to test it or anything yet due to a family emergency just as I finished it.
I think it went well, so it'll be interesting to try it out. My first time actually soldering something difficult. Worst case? Buy a new one.

I also bought an altimeter three just for my smaller more simple flights. Just to collect some data.
A Chute Release was also in the purchase list, because... why not?
Having greater control over my recovery process is cool, and obviously essential for the more advanced flights.
This stuff should keep me happy for a little while as I learn how to use each to it's full potential.
I'll probably be adding a GPS tracker as well in the coming months.
If you guys have any other suggestions or cool things to add eventually just let me know!