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nice man, btw do you fly at CMASS or Frontier? I noticed you are from MA. You dont live near Marlboro do ya?
Great town, you should come to Marlboro to the hobby shop by my house. The Spare Time Shop, they have some great stuff. CMASS is a great club, I hope I can make some launches this year
Hi Rockhiittman, just wondering where on the flying specrum you are. Low power (1/8A-D), Mid power (E-G), or High power?

Also, make sure you check out the CMASS coverage on my website ;)
Hey Doug,
Right now low power is where I'm at,but hoping to get up to mid at some point.
Ryan,I've heard about that shop and will try to check it out,what interesting things do they carry?
some F21s all kinda of Low power motors, they have a full wall of kits, all the low power ones including some TLP kits

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